Sometimes it requires more than regular daily and weekly cleaning routine to keep your facility looking its best.

Keep your facility looking its best with regularly scheduled maintenance such as deep carpet cleaning and re-honing your granite. These services can be performed at whatever interval is appropriate, such as monthly or quarterly.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is an odor and stain retaining entity that hides its cleanliness underneath it’s porous surface. A facilities carpet is often times disregarded as a cleaning necessity, however it is suggested that the carpets get deep cleaned at a minimum of four occurrences per year.

Whether this frequency has been maintained or forgotten, our experienced carpet cleaning division is equipped to handle all sorts of carpet conditions. Before we begin, we identify the type of carpet and installation, and test and implement a procedure to guarantee the greatest chances of success.

Window Washing

We have yet to find a building that does not have at least one window throughout the entire facility. It is a common feature that all customers share.

Being a full building service company, it is only natural that we also provide cleaning options for glass and windows. Our window cleaning department is able to accommodate all varieties of windows including, but not limited to, swing out, retail/display glass, exterior and interior glass at all elevations, and even roof dome/angled windows.

Window cleaning season is generally at the beginning of spring, but we work year round to provide this service.

Snow Removal

Prominent Cleaning’s snow removal service is typically an ancillary service we offer to our customers who have sidewalks or driveways on-site.

During the winter season, our snow removal team is constantly updated with the latest weather reports and are prepared for every occurrence of snow. We maintain a large stock of calcium chloride so that we are unaffected by salt shortages, and a large pool of snow removal employees on staff ready to be dispatched at the first instance of snow.

Recently, local regulation has made this service mandatory on all public sidewalks. Therefore, we make the customer our priority during snowfall.

On-demand Services

When you need to prepare an empty office for a new tenant, our crews will come in and make it sparkle.

  • White glove services
  • Post construction
  • Tenant turnover
  • Remediation/disaster recovery

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